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Côte d'Azur!

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Ok, I'm happy! I arrived in a country where I vaguely speak the language. Sun is shining and the food is great. The first person I met was an old elegant lady, telling me that I'm very welcome at the Côte d'Azur. Best start! This week I stayed at my first Warmshowers host, camped for the first time and played Petanque.
Where the 380 kilometers took me
Thu, 23. Mar 2023
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I arrived in France! And I have a new favourite. Going through tunnels. Today I went through many tunnels, with and without cars. They're actually quite fun, just like in another sphere. The ones with the cars were not a problem, french drivers are SO polite. I almost feel bad for them when they drive behind me for a long time. I took a different round then originally planned. Wanted to quickly pass Monte Carlo. Never been there. And yes, my legs are bruised. And the tan lines will be bonkers. But they get stronger by the day. Originally I thought I would need to get smaller jeans, but actually I might get bigger ones to fit all these future muscles.

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Fri, 24. Mar 2023
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Sometimes I don't manage to share a picture. Either because I'm too tired or don't have internet. This time. Internet. Basically going along the Cote d'Azur. And bicycle lanes are great. But if they only go straight and the wind is in your face, it's getting a bit tiring. From Nice to Antibes to Cannes and then off to the mountains again!

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Sat, 25. Mar 2023
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Today was a special day! For the first time I'm sleeping over at a warmshowers host! I'm a bit overwhelmed by the generosity of giving me access to his place, while he's not even there! And the ride was great, specially the first part. From Peymeiande to Grasse. Small street, up and down, up and down. Reminded me a bit of the paradise loop. It was a little detour but the ride was rather short that day. The rest was great as well, but the wind. If you're going down and it's hard, you feel a bit stupid. But again, it is what it is. And I do have a treat now when it’s windy. Tarte au citron meringuee

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Mon, 27. Mar 2023
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It was so windy, that it was almost hard to just stay on the bike. At one point I was crossing the Viaduc du Rayol. 159m long and 40m high. I'd say roughly 5m wide. In the middle there was so much wind that I actually thought I fall off. I already in my head made my peace being dead soon. But well, still alive. Wind gone today. Today was as well the first night I was camping after having had a great stay with my Warmshowers host.

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Wed, 29. Mar 2023
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A picture perfect day, ended being at a wonderful BnB. Not a lot to say here, but just that I won't suffer not having enough calories in France. So much to eat, a lot of sweet treats. But as well good produce which I tried to get as many in as possible. Oh, that house on the first picture. I sort of fell in love with it. Beautiful, in a small village, right in the middle. If I had enough money, I would get it.

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Thu, 30. Mar 2023
IMG 0866

Started with another round of calypso streets. Up and down, up and down. A lot of fun. And then scenery and street changed. Quite a bit. Big mountains, a canal, and almost felt like being in Mexico. I passed a huge nuclear thingie, not sure what it was. I took a picture of a sign for it, from long ago times, when there was possible excitement around nuclear powers. The road was big and in hindsight looking at the #eurovelo site, I saw that it was recommended to take the train. But all was good, only the last bit was far less enjoyable. But well, things are what they are. I camped on private grounds, signed up via Campanyon and the host was not even aware that she was still on there. But I was warmly welcomed and played Pétanque with the family. Today, again rest day, mainly because. Washed all my clothes in a laundromat attached to a Carrefour which seems to be very common here, and was actually great.

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