Bonnybridge, Falkirk (Scotland)

Bonnybridge, in Falkirk, Scotland, is a town surrounded by picturesque landscapes. Known for the Falkirk Wheel and Antonine Wall remnants, it offers a blend of history and natural beauty.
Cycle routes passing Bonnybridge
Fri, 9. Jun 2023
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Woke up to the most perfect view! A great ride during the day with hills that are clearly picking up. By now I expect to have distance divided by ten as my ascend. Then it’s a normal ride. Below is easy peasy. One thing that shocked me a bit was the amount of garbage at the side of the road. Didn’t see that in a long time… arrived on nice campsite where two weird things happened. The one is that there was a bit of trouble with the camping neighbours, the next day even police showed up. I think the over reacted a bit. But there was a bit of tension in the air and I didn’t sleep as deep as usually. At around midnight I woke up from a sound. Looked out of the tent. And what did I see? A fox just in front of me with my back of porridge in his snout! We looked at each other and then walked away…

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Sat, 10. Jun 2023
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Diverging from the normal LEJOG route into the east. Into Fife. I have some extra days at my hands before meeting a friend in Inverness. Again, beautiful ride, now even with a lot of signage! Unfortunately the theme of garbage on the side of the road continues, at least they make it now a bit more spectacular. Evening started a bit unpleasant, as the camping spot had totally miscommunicated their policies, but got a good night sleep in the end.

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