Fanas, Graubünden (Switzerland)

Fanas, in Graubünden, Switzerland, is a peaceful village surrounded by mountains. Known for its alpine landscapes and hiking trails, it provides a tranquil escape with breathtaking views of the Swiss Alps.
Fri, 25. Aug 2023
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Finishing the Klausenpass. The night was quite spectacular, a lot of thunderstorm and a lot of lightning once I arrived in Urigen. Very glad that I decided to split the pass, otherwise I might have ended in the middle of nowhere in these weather conditions. Originally I had planned a longer tour for that day, but decided to cut it a bit short with the help of the train.

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Tue, 29. Aug 2023
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While being in Fanas, I tried to make a decision where to go next. Having three days being stuck in a room while rain pouring down, I had too many options. Original plan was to go via the Albula pass. Then I thought about the Gotthard and the San Bernardino. The Albula I was a bit worried about the weather conditions, but then I didn't want to go down all the way to Italy again. In the end I decided to do the Albula, but have another day to wait out the most heavy rain. I decided to stay a day in Surava and all would be fine.

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