Turin, Piedmont (Italy)

Turin, in Piedmont, Italy, is celebrated for its royal palaces, Baroque architecture, and the iconic Mole Antonelliana. Renowned for its culinary delights and cultural richness, it offers a sophisticated allure.
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Sun, 19. Mar 2023
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No hills today. At all. Therefore a lot of kilometres. A tad more than 101km. The landscape is definitely less spectacular than Tuscany, but has it's own charms. Many small backroads, hardly any traffic. And an unexpected nice roll into Turin.

Only little time left in Italy, then France! Can't wait. The impact of not speaking a language is not to underestimate. While I love being on my own, I do love a bit of chit chat every now and then. Did not happen often in Italy.

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Tue, 21. Mar 2023
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Day 19, in terms of cycling, was a surprise. First, a pleasantish ride out of Turin. And all of sudden the Parco Naturale di Stupinigi. A great park, a straight street, no cars. The following streets were super enjoyable as well. Small, hardly cars, no deep gravel. And then I stood before my first cycleway that was formerly a railway. Super nice as well. And then, in the Po haze, I saw the first mountains. Huge, but hardly visible. I was glad to see some mountains again, specially the Alps. And I biked through so many apple orchards which started to bloom.

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Mood: happy :)