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Sat, 4. Mar 2023

Day 4 - From Barbarano Romano to Montefiascone

I should get into a better routine writing the tours up. For the best of me, I can't remember a lot of the leg to Viterbo. Only that I got started pretty early and had a pretty lonely breakfast. My hosts went to the market in Rome to sell their goods and just prepared everything. The stay was certainly good, but I believe a lot more enjoyable when there are more people around.

That's a common theme right now. I'm most of the time by myself, no other bikers, no other tourists, just me. It's absolutely ok for me, I'm quite good with that. But I certainly look forward to see a bit more people around.

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One of the best things that I brought is my lanyard that I always use. Every day I get other keys and I can just clip them on. The one above says "Suite", believe me, it was not a real suite.

Getting to Viterbo was pretty straightforward, nothing spectacular. At least not that I could remember. I took quite a long break at the park. Turns out, great decision!

Great decision, because of the things to come. First I got stuck in mud. Like bad, for a fairly long stretch. And then I decided to take the antique road to Montefascione. Pure hell. Up and up and up. All on the rustic road. I took that as a lesson, the eurovelo roads are not always the best. Sometimes the small country roads are preferable.

In Montefiascone though, I was very friendly greeted at the BnB. They were super welcoming and I had a whole kitchen and room for myself. Certainly can't be beaten in terms of price. The benefits of traveling off season.

Oh, and don't get shocked when you see my legs. Traveling with the train and a bike can be painful. But luckily, still too cold to wear short pants.

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