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Sun, 5. Mar 2023

Day 5 - From Montefiascone to Ponte a Rigo

This is the part where I sort of fell in love with the Via Cassia. It is not a cycle path, but rather a small country road, at least in some parts. As mentioned earlier, I find the Italian drivers quite courteous, specially on these smaller roads. One thing that I now use as a rule of thumb. If the route is straight, try to avoid. Drivers will be fast and rush through. If it has many turns, take it. It's usually a lot easier to get up because of the turns and the cars can't go fast. That's just what I'm doing, but so far it works for me.

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IMG 0317 2
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Pretty much rolling slowly through some hills and having some snacks. Super nice weather and roads. Until I make a pretty big mistake...

But before the mistake is happening I cross my first border, from Lazio to Tuscany! Yay! And I make miraculously a great decision, namely not to take side road, but to stay on the Via Cassia. Once I pass the point where I was supposed to go, I see that there was a big group of herd dogs, barking at me even though I was 300m away.

I was very content with my achievement and prepared myself for a very steep climb. Up to Celle sul Rigo. Where supposedly my accomodation for the day is. I go up and up. Push and push and push. What feels like hours (it wasn't). At the top of the hill, I somehow decide to look up the place I need to go. And it is. DOWN THE HILL. Komoot totally misplaced my BnB. In flat lands, no problem. On hills. Painful. At least I had a nice downhill ride.

IMG 0331 2
IMG 0328 Eurovelo 5 - view on Tuscan hills close to Ponte a Rigo
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