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Mon, 6. Mar 2023

Day 6 - From Ponte a Rigo to Gallina

A fun day! Starting in the fog and abandoning the EV5 route again for the Via Cassia. I was sitting at the bottom of the climb to Radicofani for quite some time. Chatting a bit, smoking a bit and preparing myself mentally. And while it's always quite a big pain to go up a mountain, it's most of the time very rewarding once you made it. That was definitely the case here as well.

Looking at the widget below, it doesn't look steep. But it was a good hour of pushing the bike up. No way that I would be pedalling. And actually pushing is a solid workout as well. At least when your bike is roughly 45kg.

IMG 0340
EuroVelo 5 - a break in Radicofani
EuroVelo 5 - my Surly Disk Trucker in Radicofani
IMG 0342 1

Radicofani is a super cute town. Sometimes you get somewhere and you just like it. Definitely that happened to me here. Within an hour I felt like I said hello to every single person in the town. And the roads are narrow. So narrow. Nevertheless a truck filled with gas rushed through it. Like fast. Very impressive. From there it went quite downhill to Gallina. Here I was hosted on a small chicken farm which I found on the Via Francigena website. Super friendly people in yet another cute village. I try to book accomodations via that website, but they're right now not always responsive, actually most of the time not. Mainly due to the reason that it's off season and many are still closed. The Via Francigene is a pilgrims route from Canterbury to Rome. At the moment there are only few people on it.

Gallina had a great restaurant and a great coffee bar. All that I need.

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IMG 0348 2
IMG 0343
IMG 0351 1
Mood: happy :)